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Yes, it’s legit. After placing the order, I knew that her hips were wide and her buttocks were plump, which was definitely generous. I’ve flipped it, bent it, and put it anywhere I want. Before ordering, I was afraid that pinching her big breasts would tear her breasts apart, but I pinched her beautiful breasts several times without tearing them. His two tight love holes satisfy my desire and he will give me whatever I choose until I explode. I appreciate the people here who helped me choose the perfect doll I wanted. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, the vendor is trusted. Excellent product, delivery time and customer service. I am very pleased with the realism of this doll. I ordered it with the same makeup as shown in the photos and I was very impressed with the product I received. I love this doll, she is amazing. This doll is really fun. Looks real, definitely. I recommend the seller for this perfect product, smooth transaction and fast response to my emails.

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Yes, the customer service is really good. This doll is every tit man’s dream! She is beautiful outside the box. Before this purchase, I read a review saying how unrealistic it is to find a real woman like this, and I agree. I don’t care when she comes, I still see the woman of my dreams. Her boobs move the way I want and I love that she has firm abs. Bought three more dolls before her, and her legs looked more feminine than the others. I liked this doll so much that I removed all the other dolls (but kept the head).

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Yes, the customer service is great…the product is even better! ! ! My experiences with my doll (now affectionately named Vanessa) have been very positive and rewarding. While it will never replace a real relationship, it provides a sense of comfort and positive well-being. Thanks to the team, their advice and knowledge helped me choose the doll that suited my needs. It is worth buying, and will buy again in the future, highly recommended.

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Yes, it is highly recommended! First of all~thanks to the seller! Amazing customer service. The staff are very helpful and attentive. He has a lot of games before the final selection. I’m a little nervous since this is my first purchase, but don’t worry! High quality doll and super fast shipping! Wow, love it, worth every penny. The ribs are amazing. There are many options to choose from. My beautiful daughter is even better than I thought. Excellent! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s legit and safe. I ordered a doll and made 2 heads according to my mood. One of them was my wife and the other was just having an affair. I am happy with the size of the doll and the full body heating system options. Absolutely beautiful doll, you can’t go wrong with this company. Customer service was excellent throughout the ordering process. It is highly recommended to have 2 heads to personalize your own doll! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this is a safe and legit company. The product is well packaged and the padding is just enough to protect it. The doll is great and corresponds to the photos on the website. No problem, very high quality and service. My doll looks and feels like a real woman, from her soft lips to her perfect breasts and firm, shapely butt. Her eyes, hair, toes and fingers look so real. If you want the next best thing, this is it. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, they are reliable. Before purchasing here, I searched the internet for the lowest price on my doll. The prices on this site are the best I’ve seen on any love doll site. When my doll arrived, I immediately noticed that she was even more beautiful than the photos on her website. The quality and craftsmanship of this doll is exceptional. Look like a real woman, even up close. Overall, I am very happy with my doll. Well worth the money. I have to give these guys 5 stars.

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Yes, they are very responsive and helpful. This doll is super realistic, she is so beautiful, I am in love with her! Great service from the company. I placed my order and another doll came out the next day. I asked if I could swap dolls and they were happy to. The doll arrived in perfect condition in about 10 days. Thank you! If you’ve always wanted one, you don’t have to worry about this company. I will definitely order again in the future 🙂

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Yes, the site is very satisfying! The doll arrived yesterday. The doll is well made, a bit heavy but realistic. Big booty and ass are amazing. These photos don’t do it justice. Hitting it causes shockwaves and tremors that sound better than real girls. Dolls are just works of art. I also love their great customer experience! Thank you for staying in touch from start to final delivery! Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.